I'm not always available to do orders or donations, so here are some links to area bakers that I recommend!

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Shannon Africa is the go-to cake designer in Port Townsend

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cold mountain

baking co.

An independent PT baker. Friday pastry boxes available!

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Port Townsend's premiere bread bakery...and pastries too!

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A cottage bread and pastry bakery specializing in sourdough

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Located in nearby Sequim, they have won local awards for Best Cake Shop in the Northwest

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Two Crows


One of PT's newest bakeries! Order online for easy pickup!




Sweet and savory pies and other items handcrafted by a mother/daughter team

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A cake artist who specializes in minimalist and rustic designs.

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Bagels and pretzels delivered by bicycle!


sweet lamb

baking co.

Sweet Lamb Baking Co. makes seasonal, classic pastries and desserts. All of our goods are available at Lawrence Street Provisions in Uptown Port Townsend, WA Wednesday through Sunday.

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