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About Me

Val anne (Annie) welch, pastry chef


I'm a retired professional pastry chef who has been baking for 29 years. Although I've given up the rigors of the professional pastry kitchen, I still bake in a professional way. Whether it's for family and friends, or VIP clients, my standards are the same: I try to come as close to perfection as humanly possible.

Since I'm retired, I no longer do desserts for sale. I have a deep respect for the people in Port Townsend who are trying to make a living and I have no intention of undercutting them. It was done to me many times when I was still working and I vowed that I would never do that myself. I think there is something seriously wrong when people working from home (mostly illegally) will offer up their services for a price they can afford to offer because they're not on the hook for the costs of doing business. They pay no taxes, have no employees, rent, utilities, etc. They can afford to sell cheaply whereas a legitimate business person has to charge prices that will help keep the lights on. So support your hardworking and talented local Port Townsend businesses! I have compiled what I *think* is a complete list of bakeries in the immediate area. If I have missed any, please let me know. 

Port Townsend Area Bakers
I will do desserts and cakes for fundraisers and charity only. 

Are you a local Port Townsend organization looking for a food donation?

Please inquire! I'd love to help

My C.V.

The village baker, Port Townsend, WA


Head Pastry Chef

Great cakes and edible monuments, Redmond, WA



Head Pastry Chef/Cake Designer


European pastry cafe

Lynnwood, WA


Assistant Pastry Chef, Cake Designer

alki bakery,

Seattle, WA


Head Baker

Cake designer, Production manager, Lead bread baker

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